lou & maggie’s year off


Back on the 19th of February 2011, our dream came a little closer as we went to have ‘a look’ at a caravan that a ‘friend of a friend’ was selling. Within minutes we realised that this was the palace on wheels we’d been hoping to find. We were thrilled when the deal was made - we were to be the new owners!

Thanks to Steve and his great taste in caravans we couldn’t believe the detail he’d included when he originally purchased this van. So this little beauty is now ours which includes solar panels, two spares, two deep cell batteries, 6 water tanks, generator, full bathroom, washing machine, fridge freezer, full oven, 4 gas burners, microwave... we can stop anywhere.

As our count down months turned into count down weeks and then finally only days, the beginning of our journey is about to begin.

We’ve accumulated the essentials to make sure that if and when we get bogged, we can get out and being totally self contained, the only critical decisions to be made each day will be ‘will we move’ or ‘what shall we eat next’.

We also have a great determination that this will be a trip of a lifetime, laced with adventure, stories, love and lots of laughter. ETD January 3rd, 2012 - follow us.....